Divulgação e Protecção do Património do Vale do Bestança

History of the Association

The Association for Bestança Valley Protection (ADVB) has already several achievements.

We were present at Exponor, at the International Environment Fair – Eneren 96; between the 20th and the 30th April 1997 we have organized the photographic exhibition at the exhibitions room of the Town Hall of Cinfães, which we named “The Four Seasons at Bestança Valley”, with photos by Jorge Ventura.

On the 23rd April 1997 we have attended the conference/debate about environment, which took place at Cinfães; we have proceeded with the recovering of the wooden bridges of Prado – Valverde and recovered the water mill of the same place, putting it into function again, and at the same time provided for the cleaning of the stream; we have repaired the bridge of Enxidrô and erected Pelourinho and the cross of Santa Madalena, also at the same place.

We have already repopulated the river with four thousand “fario” trouts and have developed regular actions in schools with the aim to preserve and promote the Valley. Every year during Christmas time we offer educational material and toys to students making them aware of the importance of Nature and Heritage.

We have struggled bravely against the implementation of small hydropower at the Valley being aware that if such intention is fulfilled much of the genuineness would be lost given the negative impacts of that work.

We have contributed to the enhancement of the Municipal Plan of Cinfães, presenting our constructive criticism fighting mainly for the defence of the VALLEYS’ HUMAN AND NATURAL HERITAGE, either improving the living conditions of those who are settled there.

The organization’s headquarter is located in the former school canteen of Vila de Muros. This building was kindly given by the Town Hall of Cinfães.

TRANSMONTEMURO is another initiative of the Association leading many participants to know the Mountain of Montemuro by jeep. With the income from this event we have restored a water mill in Barrondes, one in Soutelo and another one in Grandinho and we have bought “Campo do Prado” (900m2 area with a haystack in the middle) which became the centre of logistical support for walks in the Valley.

It is our main objective the creation of a protected area at Bestança Valley and integrating this valley in Rede Natura 2000. The creation of a school of arts and crafts is also one our main mottos. With the help of everyone we will manage to get it.